Bosch Launches the Athlet Ultimate

The award winning Athlet range just got better with the addition of the Ultimate.

Now available to purchase, the Bosch Athlet Ultimate vacuum cleaner – BCH75STKGB offers Bosch’s best cordless performance on the market. The Ultimate has plenty of new features, including technology to capture even more dust to make cleaning easier such as giving you more flexibility, agility and great dust pick-up across all floor surfaces. Vacuuming no longer has to be a long, arduous task and can be done as and when needed, perfect quick spells of vacuuming.

  • Bosch’s best cordless performance on the market
  • New features boasting superior technology to meet the highest demands
  • Picks up more dirt than any other Athlet*
  • High cleaning performance with a superior dust pick-up of +15%* *
  • Twice the brush bar power and HiSpin motor for deep cleaning on all floors***


BO_T_14_THA_other_BCH75STKGB_picture_nKF_self_stand_ENG_211215The best cordless performance
The Athlet Ultimate produces maximum performance without compromise thanks to the new Bosch HiSpin Motor which is highly efficient. The optimised engine speed allows for a long lifetime and energy efficiency. It can achieve this by using its aerodynamic blades which perfectly calibrate air flow for high dust pick-up.

Thorough cleaning is now attainable with the new Bosch HighPower Brush. Whether cleaning hard floor or carpet the Ultimate’s special bristles provide optimum cleaning performance. The powerful motorized brush has a roll motor (up to 70W) and extra-large brush roll diameter (44mm) with 5.000 RPM (rotations per minute) on carpet.

Lengthy runtime
You never have to be left without battery thanks to extra long life time Bosch’s Premium Lithium-Ion Technology, now one of the longest lasting the 32.4V battery is the same used in Bosch Power Tools and E-Bikes promising long lasting, high performance and reliable cleaning. Additionally the battery will not overload, overheat, or deep-discharge because of the 3-step battery protection system, giving you peace of mind when recharging the appliance.

Convenient Handling
Offering effortless vacuuming the Athlet Ultimate features an ergonomic Power Button with 3 power levels, providing a level for any cleaning tasks. The power levels are easy to change between thanks to the improved slider allowing adjustable power according to your needs. The vacuum is also simple to put together using the Easy Clip, a new development of release button for the handle and nozzle, which comfortably detach to set up with accessories (hose, strap, crevice, upholstery brush). This makes Bosch’s high quality accessory kit quick and easy to use. Furthermore, the cordless vacuum is durable because of its titanium painting, longlife motors and Bosch Lithium-Ion technology used to create the appliance.

Novia Imm, Bosch Category Manager, Floorcare explainsOur award winning Athlet range has been very popular with consumers. What excites me about the Athlet Ultimate BCH75STKGB is that it addresses all the key consumer needs. For example, providing the highest cleaning performance on all floors, durability and longlife performance, as well as easy handling and professional accessories. The Athlet Ultimate is definitely a product without compromise.

Ensuring a high level of cleaning performance the Sensor Controlled performance monitor indicates if the filter needs cleaning. The rotation Clean System known as Bosch SensorBagless™ Technology, makes cleaning easy all while using lifetime filter material.