Get to Know the People at DBD – Ben Lawler

This week we are talking to Ben Lawler.DSC08983.4

How long have you been at DBD?
2 ½ years – since March 2014.

What department do you work in?
I work in the Commercial team as the Commercial Project Manager.

What kind of work does your job involve?
It involves overseeing all the Contracts that we undertake for our Customers and ensuring the terms work with the nature of our business and comply with the Financial teams requirements. I, along with my colleague Karen carefully read through each new contracts cover to cover – they can be one page or 200+ pages depending on the customer! I oversee all of the Contra charges that we receive to ensure these are being responded to correctly and resolved. I also help and support the Customer Finance team where required along with supporting the Sales team with any contractual support required, which can at times involves attending pre tender and pre order meetings.

What skills has your role taught you?
The biggest skill I’ve had to grow is patience. Before I came to DBD, I sold IT software & services to legal organisations who responded ‘relatively’ quickly to any question – dealing with the construction industry is very different. My previous jobs have helped me to develop an attention to details, but since being in this role this skill has definitely been enhanced.

How does DBD compare to past jobs you’ve had?
I’ve had a few jobs over the years: selling IT software & services, teaching English in Italy, IT Project management, warehouse management and Accounting. I think the role I am now in enables me to draw upon various skills I’ve learnt from these past experiences, which is really beneficial. DBD is the largest company I’ve worked for and I would say one of the biggest things that impresses me about DBD is the communication which really helps when trying to problem solve. Colleagues are happy to ask if they don’t know and speak up when they do which helps a job run more efficiently.

How do you feel about your team?
My role enables me to get to know most of the office based staff within DBD. For instance when dealing with Contra charges I interact with Operations, Customer Care, Sales & Customer Finance. On Contractual matters I deal closely again with the Sales team. I directly line manage Karen Knight who is a key part of the commercial team and is a great support for me in my role.

What helps to motivate you every day?
Looking at my target list! Sometimes my job can be repetitive and monotonous, so always looking at my list to keep track of my objectives. Setting goals helps you to keep focused and motivated.

What aspirations do you have for you career at DBD?
To carry on improving in my role, especially my negotiating skills, spoken and written. I’d also like to help people around me to feel more confident in handling themselves when Contractual questions arise.

What’s number one on your bucket list? To travel to the far east, Asia
Tell us something we don’t know about you. I used to play the Saxophone
What’s your favourite way to spend the weekend? Watching Watford FC
Do you have any pets? Not at the moment
What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to? Tyrol Valley, Austria
What’s your favourite meal? Spaghetti con vongole (Spaghetti with mussels)
What’s one dish you would you never eat? Offal – liver and kidneys
What was your favourite TV show growing up? Dukes of Hazard
Do you have any secret skills? I speak pigeon Italian
Biggest bug bear? People not responding to emails
What’s playing in your car at the moment? Talk Sport
What’s the worse job you’ve ever done? Being a labourer on a building site
On a day off, where would we find you? At Vicarage Road or at home doing DIY or gardening

Next month we will be talking to Martin Kowalski.