Keeping Connected to the Industry!

We were very excited to host our first Ambassadors Club Event on Thursday 3rd May.

Key guests joined us from housebuilders such as Cala, Kier and Galliford Try. One Senior Buyer kindly saying DBD Ambassadors Day event – fantastic 2 days, whole event was a credit to what DBD stand for and ultimately deliver every day to your clients.’

The purpose of this event?
To bring together representatives from the industry to discuss topics affecting everyone in our current market. Such as:

– Improving our customers experience; Fred Sirieux enhanced this section by sharing some great advice gained though his 25 years’ experience in Customer service!
– Attracting new people to the industry
– Driving out unplanned cost.

We would like to say Thank you for everyone’s input and preparation, the end result was a rewarding and constructive meeting.

Ambassador Image

Delivering a service that is helpful, consistent and efficient is the driving force behind every decision at DBD. We are confident events like this will continue to help us to tackle the ever changing industry and provide a service that we are proud of!

We look forward to the next Ambassador Group meeting, roll on 2019!