Have you seen DBD/Hackers Warehouse facilities = 75,000sq ft just 20 miles from Central London!

It is imperative to DBD that we do our utmost to offer an seamless operation, this is especially important when receiving and delivering hundreds of goods each week!

Our warehouse at HQ (Home of Kitchens) is perfectly situation on the M1 and always a hive of activity with Kitchens being unloaded, processed, wrapped, stored and dispatched.

Warehouse images

A few facts and figures:

– We have a capacity of 419 pallets which equates to approx. 140 kitchens!
– Two to three times a week we receive deliveries from Hacker which can    carry 20-60 Kitchens.
– The journey from Germany to Hemel Hempstead takes 437miles each way, that’s a round trip of just under 900 miles!

The turnaround of these Kitchens is fast:
– January – 155
– February – 153
– March – 160
– April – 147

Our Kitchen Team carefully and logistically work alongside our HQ Warehouse Team which consists of 5 dedicated Gents to ensure the Kitchens all go out at the right time and on the right vehicles!

If you would like to find out more then please contact our Kitchen Team on 01442 205818 or click here