Have You Seen Hacker’s Kitchen Production Facilities? 900 Kitchens per Day!

We are pleased to present our first article which will give you an insight into why we have worked so hard to develop such a strong partnership with Hacker.

So what is so special about Hacker’s Kitchen Production facilities?

Hacker was founded in 1898 by Hermann Häcker and since then has gone from strength to strength. Located in Rödinghausen, Germany they are proud to have a production facility that produces 900 kitchens, that’s 10.000 carcases a day! That’s 19 every minute in an average working day of 8.5 hours. A total production area covers 113,800 m², the size of 16 football fields!

The image below shows a birds eye view, however since this was taken more buildings have been added!

Hacker Factory picture

These facilities host 1,600 employees working across the 4 different locations:

Factory 1 – Production for lacquering, worktops, high rack storage, offices
Factory 2 – Systemat production and high rack storage
Factory 3 – Classic production, high rack storage (Investment 2005 approx. 60 Mio €)
Factory 4 – Front panels, logistic area, 52 spaces for lorries

Factory 5 – Opening in the year 2020!

If you would like to find out more then please contact our Kitchen Team on 01442 205818 or click here