AEG CustomFlex Fridge

10 things to help you keep your food fresher for longer and reduce the 7 million tonnes of food wasted each year

  1. Check your fridge temperature – Your fridge should be between 0-5 degrees. This is the optimum temperature for making sure your food lasts
  2. Don’t overload – Cramming food into the fridge might seem like a good idea at the time but you are in danger of preventing the cooling air from circulating and keeping all items at the right temperature and humidity
  3. Segment for success – Many fruits give off natural gases as they ripen, making other nearby produce spoil faster. Store bananas, apples, and tomatoes by themselves, and store fruits and vegetables in different compartments. The AEG CustomFlex is perfect for this as it comes with a selection of moveable compartments making it easy to separate items
  4. Preparation is key – Sometimes it is not possible to eat everything before it goes off, so prepare and cook perishable items, then freeze them for use throughout the month
  5. Dare to freeze dairy – Don’t be afraid to freeze dairy products. Items such as semi-skimmed and skimmed milk can be placed in the freezer and so can hard cheese – try cutting them into smaller portions or grate some so it is ready to use later
  6. Keep it watered - Try wrapping salad and herbs in a damp paper towel before storing to prevent them from drying out, keeping them fresher for longer. Keep the stems of vegetables such as broccoli, celery and asparagus in water to help them stay fresh and crisp
  7. Prevent cross contamination – keep all raw meat, poultry and fish in its store wrapping, or in sealed containers to stop it from touching or dripping onto other foods and spoiling them
  8. In or out? – Some food lasts longer outside of the fridge, this includes bread, bananas, pineapples, potatoes and onions
  9. Take a Shelfie – Photograph the contents of your fridge or make a list before you shop – organisation is key and can prevent you from buying items that you don’t need
  10. Keep it whole – Don’t slice food until you are ready to eat it. Chopped up meat, fruit and vegetables spoil quicker than whole items

AEG CustomFlex Fridge SCE81864TCThe new AEG CustomFlex™ has been specifically created to help keep food fresher for longer. Boasting a unique inner-door storage system made up of moveable clips and a range of clear boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The removable compartments can be rearranged quickly and easily, allowing you to style your fridge just the way you like it. The clips are perfect for fresh herbs, whilst the boxes are great for keeping ingredients separate.

Preserving food is important, but so is helping it maintain its texture and flavour, which is why the new CustomFlex™ Fridge Freezer comes with its unique TwinTech® cooling system. This technology is designed to prevent food from drying out, ensuring produce is stored at the optimum temperature with the correct humidity levels, meaning fruit and vegetables stay crisp and fresher for longer.

Chris George, Head of UK and Ireland Marketing at Electrolux, comments: “A great meal starts with fresh food and the new AEG CustomFlex™ has been specifically created to help keep food fresher for longer. Featuring easy-to-use customisable compartments and a cooling system that preserves taste and texture to a new level, this is by far the most adaptive fridge storage system on the market. Try teaming this with our top tips to reduce food waste and save money.”

Additional product details:

  • No Frost
  • Energy Rating: A+++-20% (20% more efficient than an A+++ rated fridge freezer)
  • DynamicAir
  • Soft-rise LED light
  • Soft close doors
  • Touch controls

The new CustomFlex™ fridge freezer is available now from all major retailers, RRP £1,299.

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