The Smart choice for homes in 2018

Hoover’s Daniel Dewey discusses the demand for innovative Smart appliances in the kitchen and how connected technology can benefit the homes of tomorrow.

Hoover Vision main menu

With increased consumer focus on technology in the home, thanks to the rise of Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, consumers are looking to integrate further technology into their home through the inclusion of connected appliances. This consumer intertest, along with the brand’s drive to be a leader in innovation, has been at the heart of Hoover’s vision when it comes to connected kitchen appliances.

For Hoover, 2017 has been the year for Smart appliances. Seeing more people choosing connected models for a number reasons, such as new technology, user-friendly functionality and energy efficiency, as they can even save money on household bills through lower running costs. In 2018, the brand will be showcasing even more innovation with a range of Smart product launches.

Hoover Vision Oven openDaniel Dewey, built-in product manager, Hoover Candy, commented: “The award-winning Hoover Vision Oven is an example of the innovative technology that we’ve created and launched in 2017. It’s our most high-end appliance to-date, with its connectivity through the user-friendly Hoover Wizard app. 

People can control, monitor and manage their cooking via the app, which can be downloaded onto their smartphone or tablet. The app allows people to control the Vision oven remotely, monitor energy consumption, as well as gain access to favourite programmes, receive alert messages and view the status of their cooking while on the go.

The Vision Oven door is one big screen, where people can watch video cooking tutorials, generate, save and amend favourite recipes, creating a personal library of cooking programmes, as well as checking the temperature, time remaining and access selected websites. The oven’s in-cavity camera is another key feature, allowing people to get a close-up of the cooking progress without opening the door.

Hoover Vision in-cavity camera

The demand for Smart laundry appliances in the home has also been recognised this year, as people want an easy solution to the time-consuming chore and have appliances that will save money on their energy bills, especially for larger households, even suggesting the most economical programme for each individual load.

In our own product range, the Hoover Dynamic Extreme WDWFT 4138AH Washer Dryer features Hoover’s ‘All in One’ wash technology. Allowing people to wash a full load of whites and bright coloured fabrics together at the same time without the risk of colours running, all in just 59 minutes.

The washer dryer also allows people to identify and store their favourite wash programmes, through the schedule a start time for the wash cycle, and receive live status alerts on their smartphone or tablet through the Hoover Wizard app.

Our passion to be innovative is shown with the products that we make, investing in Smart appliances today will future-proof the homes for tomorrow. As the demand for Smart appliances continues to grow, 2018 will see more people wanting to integrate further with technology in the home.”

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