Master the Art of Taking Taste Further with the Superior New Mastery Range from AEG

With more experimental at-home cooking on the rise as well as trends around food provenance and sustainability, the new AEG Mastery Range aims to satisfy those looking for the ultimate responsive cooking experience to take taste further.

The AEG Mastery Range includes: a first of its kind ComfortLift dishwasher, designed to gently lift the lower rack to a more convenient working height for easy loading and unloading; a SenseCook Pyro Oven that acts as a sous chef, allowing you to cook restaurant quality dishes such as perfectly cooked steak; a CustomFlex fridge freezer with door storage that can be customised to your needs; an intelligent Hob2Hood that automatically adjusts to your cooking activity on the hob so you can concentrate on the task in hand, and a ComboHob which connects an induction hob with an integrated extractor – perfect for those who don’t want or have space for a full hood.

Chris George, Head of UK and Ireland Marketing at Electrolux, comments: “At AEG we are committed to helping people become masters of their own kitchens and enabling them to create delicious tasting dishes that are set to impress.”

“The key to serving up great tasting food is down to mastering each step of the cooking process, from preserving ingredients to cooking the final dish.  The new AEG Mastery Range is designed to help every step of the way – even with the washing up.”

From preparing and storing ingredients, to baking with precision and cooking up high quality dishes, AEG’s innovative Mastery Range has been designed with practicality and aesthetics in mind.  What’s more, the clean, linear lines, stylish facades and contemporary finishes make this range a must-have for house-proud, energy conscious individuals.

AEG SenseCook Pyro Oven BPK842720MAEG SenseCook Pyro Oven BPK842720M

The new AEG SenseCook Pyro Oven comes complete with a Food Sensor which works intelligently in tandem with the Command Wheel, giving the user ultimate control in the kitchen.

Whether it’s a simple casserole you want to slow-cook or an elaborate meat dish that needs more complex instructions, this oven works as a Sous Chef, taking cooking to the next level.

  • The Food Sensor measures the core temperature and monitors how well done the food is, ensuring results are designed to suit personal tastes

The precision of the Food Sensor works in sync with the interactive Command Wheel. Simply touch the Command Wheel and the cooking settings appear immediately on screen, allowing you to monitor the dish, making adjustments exact and precise.


  • (HxWxD)in mm: 590 x 560 x 550
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning
  • Colour: Stainless Steel and black glass
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • RRP starting from: £1,049

AEG Hob2Hood DBK7990HGAEG Hob2Hood DBK7990HG

This sleek, chimney style, high performance hood cleans the air in any kitchen quickly and efficiently thanks to its powerful, energy efficient motor. Allowing you to focus on what’s important – preparing and enjoying a great tasting meal.

  • Featuring the brand’s intelligent Hob2Hood system, this new appliance works in harmony with your hob. As soon as the hob is turned on, a wireless signal is sent to the hood, automatically measuring the right amount of extraction needed to keep your kitchen free from vapours and steam
  • With AEG’s most advanced SilenceTech Technology to date, you can extract at the hood’s maximum power points and the noise level will still be reduced down to the lowest number of decibels – allowing you to entertain without any distractions


  • (HxWxD) mm: 1165 x 898 x 550
  • Colour: stainless steel and black glass
  • Inverter motor
  • Energy Rating: A++
  • Touch control user interface
  • 54db

RRP starting from: £1,399

AEG MaxiSense Combi Hob HKH81700FBAEG MaxiSense Combi Hob HKH81700FB

With pioneering technology, this hob offers users exceptional responsiveness and accuracy. Whether you’re cooking for a family of four or a dinner party of six, it gives you complete flexibility in your cooking by holding up to five pots or pans at once.

  • A highlight is the FreeZone, which is effectively a ’chef’s hot plate’ allowing you to move up to three pans around the one zone
  • DirekTouch controls for quick, precise heat selection, help to achieve exact temperatures

The Powerslide function allows you to turn the MaxiSense Combi Zone into a self-controlling hot plate varying temperature from full power at the front to simmer at the back


  • (WxD) mm: 780 x 520
  • Öko Timer that saves energy by using residual heat of the pan to finish cooking
  • Full touch colour display for enhanced user interaction
  • RRP starting from: £1,399
  • Boost function
  • ExSight TFT touchscreen ExSight TFT touchscreen
  • Stop & Go function
  • Full touch colour display for enhanced user interaction Stop & Go function
  • Boost function
  • Colour: Black glass

AEG ComboHob IDK84451IBAEG ComboHob IDK84451IB

Combining an induction hob and an integrated extractor into one single product, the new AEG ComboHob is the answer to designing a stylish, modern kitchen as it can be placed anywhere.

  • Featuring the brand’s Hob2Hood Technology, the ComboHob intuitively controls the extraction power/level to match your cooking
  • Ensuring a neat and uncluttered cooking space for a pristine kitchen, the hob’s glossy glass surface just needs a quick wipe to make it look as good as new, whilst the integrated hood has an easily removable filter


  • (HxWxD) mm: 210 x 830 x 510
  • Automatic pan recognition
  • Induction zones with power booster function
  • Inverter motor
  • Colour: black glass
  • Energy Rating: A+

RRP starting from: £2,699

AEG ComfortLift Built-in dishwasher FSK93800PAEG ComfortLift® Built-in dishwasher FSK93800P

A major innovation and the first of its kind, the new ComfortLift features a unique mechanism that gently lifts the lower rack to a more convenient working height for flexible, ergonomic loading and unloading.

  • Featuring a large three-drawer capacity and offering reliable cleaning this new dishwasher is a must-have for any kitchen

Powerful AirDry Technology uses natural airflow to finish the drying process by automatically opening the door by 10cm in the last part of the cycle, achieving maximum drying performance whilst leaving dishes spotless.


  • XXL Interior with room for up to 13 place settings
  • 8 different programmes
  • TimeBeam informs you of remaining cycle time
  • Flexible installation with sliding hinge.
  • AirDry Technology
  • Minimal noise disturbance at 39db
  • Energy Rating: A+++
  • (HxWxD) mm: 818mm x 596 x 550

RRP starting from: £999

AEG CustomFlex SCE81864TC fridge freezerAEG CustomFlex™ SCE81864TC fridge freezer

Featuring easy-to-use customisable doors and a cooling system that preserves taste and texture to a new level, the AEG CustomFlex™ is the most adaptive storage system on the market.

  • The new CustomFlex™ contains a TwinTech® cooling system which prevents food from drying out, ensuring produce is stored at the optimum temperature and humidity levels, meaning fruit and vegetables stay crisp and fresher for longer
  • DynamicAir™ Technology maintains the airflow inside the fridge, guaranteeing a consistent temperature at every shelf level so that ingredients stay fresh


  • No Frost
  • Energy Rating: A+++-20% (20% more efficient than an A+++ rated fridge freezer)
  • DynamicAir
  • Soft-rise LED light
  • Soft close doors
  • Touch controls
  • RRP starting from: £1,299

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