Hotpoint Dishwashers Promote Water Savings

The UK has less available water per person than most other European countries1. Further, with the UK’s ageing population and the decrease in average household size, the demand for water is increasing. Subsequently, the domestic use of water is facing increasingly tight regulation.

The pressure is on to reduce water demand and it is imperative that we minimise our use, and be more efficient with water usage.

Amendments to Part G of the UK Building Regulations state that the maximum allowable consumption of water in new dwellings is 125 litres per person per day1. This regulation is a challenge as, according to the Environment Agency, the water consumption of the average person in the UK is 150 litres per day1.

The Environment Agency reports that dishwashers and washing machines account for 16 per cent of domestic water usage1. This places great responsibility on the shoulders of appliance manufacturers.

dishwashers and washing machines account for 16 per cent of domestic water usage

Many consumers believe that dishwashers are inefficient and are a strain on energy and water consumption. However, thanks to innovation in appliance design and functionality, this is no longer the case. Handwashing the same number of dishes as a full dishwasher load, uses around 49 litres of water2, compared to around 10-13 litres for the average dishwasher. It is clear that using a dishwasher is significantly less wasteful than washing up by hand.

The new Hotpoint Ultima HIP 4O22 WGT C E UK dishwasher ensures optimum efficiency without any compromise on performance

Dishwashers from Hotpoint, one of the UK’s favourite brands, incorporate the very latest technology to ensure optimum efficiency without any compromise on performance. The new, fully integrated, Hotpoint Ultima HIP 4O22 WGT C E UK dishwasher uses just nine litres of water per use and benefits from an ‘A++’ energy rating.

Key features and benefits of the Hotpoint Ultima HIP 4O22 WGT C E UK dishwasher:

  • Fully integrated dishwasher with a generous 14 place-setting capacity
  • Efficient ‘A++’ energy rating
  • Nine litre water consumption
  • Quiet 42 dB(A) noise level thanks to an advanced brushless motor and sound insulating panels
  • Optimum efficiency guaranteed without any compromise on performance by ensuring low resource consumption
  • Flexiload for maximum internal flexibility, featuring height adjustable baskets, folding removable glass supports, fully folding plate racks and vertical zones to improve stability and storage
  • Third level sliding cutlery tray
  • Dual Space feature allows for total flexibility in the dishwasher. The height of the top basket can be adjusted, even when fully loaded, to allow for more space in the lower basket when needed
  • Ten wash programme options; Auto Intensive, Auto Normal, Auto Fast, Delicates, Eco, Express 30′, Sanitising, Soak, Silent and Self-Clean
  • Long lasting, stainless steel interior that ensures maximum hygiene and perfect drying results
  • Start delay
  • Safety Guard to protect from water leakage for additional peace of mind
  • Digital user interface.
  • Counter balanced door for maximum safety and practicality
  • Dimensions: H x W x D 820 x 595 x 555 mm

2 According to a 2008 study by Bonn University