Flexible, Precise Cooking, Thanks to AEG’s MaxiSense Induction Purehob Range

MaxiSense Pure Hob 60cmWith its Four MaxiSense® zones, power booster function, pure black glass design and precise heat level selection, AEG’s MaxiSense® induction Purehob offers a cutting edge appliance, with exceptional performance.

Incorporating the latest induction technology, the 60cm surface has four adaptable cooking zones that will automatically adjust to the dimensions of the cookware being used. No matter the position or size of the pan, the bridge function enables the linking of zones to provide versatility with optimum results.

The Purehob’s sleek, glossy design seamlessly blends into any kitchen style, with illuminated controls and zones only becoming visible when needed. The controls respond directly to touch, ensuring precise heat selection that reacts instantly to the demands of the user. Thanks to the clever science behind induction cooking, only the surface under the pan reaches the desired temperature, whilst the remaining surface stays cool. This significantly reduces the risk of burns whilst cooking, and prevents any spillages from burning and damaging the surface.

AEG MaxiSense Purehob lifestyle

In addition, the MaxiSense® Purehob offers a selection of helpful features that make it a more safe and energy-efficient solution for the home, including the Child Lock and the Öko Timer.  Setting the timer cleverly saves energy by switching off the zone, using residual heat to complete the last few minutes of cooking. Meanwhile, the MaxiSense® Purehob also caters to the ever busy lifestyles of homeowners, and specialist features such as the power boost and AutoMax, are designed to make life as easy as possible. Waiting time for water to boil is significantly reduced, meaning less time spent in the kitchen, and more time enjoying the end result.

AEG’s MaxiSense® Purehob range offers flexibility and precision in the kitchen helping to create perfect results every time.

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