Siemens Wi-Fi Enabled Appliances with Home Connect Revolutionise the Home

siemens_homeconnect_kitchen_290x250pxl-dbdDiscover more exciting opportunities thanks to Siemens Wi-Fi enabled appliances and the intuitive Home Connect App.

Allowing you full control of your home appliances wherever you are, everyday tasks will never be the same again. Remote monitoring provides you with an easy overview of your appliance’s current status and remote controlling lets you select options, and start programmes intuitively wherever you are.

A range of household tasks are made easier as the app opens up new possibilities within the home. For example, the app can decide on the best washing or drying programme to run, enable you to preheat and adjust the oven remotely, or make your favourite barista style drink using your coffee centre from the comfort of your bed. You can now even view the contents of your fridge when out at the supermarket thanks to two integrated cameras inside the fridge. Siemens connected appliances with Home Connect make everyday life more efficient and comfortable than ever before, allowing you to spend more time on the things you love.

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The Home Connect App is free to download and available on iOS and Android devices now. No additional software or hardware is required either, ensuring easy set up to our consumers’ current home networks.