There’s Far More to Smeg Than Just FAB Refrigeration

With a new UK HQ and plans for a flagship London store, Italian appliance brand Smeg is shaking up the market in a big way. Managing director Mike Giddings gives us an update.

Mike Giddings - Managing Director, Smeg

Mike Giddings – Managing Director, Smeg

“There have been a lot of changes over the past few years – we have a young CEO, Vittorio Bertazzoni, who’s brought a freshness to the brand in terms of product development and its personality, which has filtered down into the UK. Ten years ago, we were probably seen as being a little bit detached from the marketplace – maybe even aloof.” This friendly and open approach has obviously paid dividends. Smeg has dramatically increased its presence in the sector. During the last 12 months, Smeg has accepted numerous awards for its trade support and design excellence, and has seriously raised its profile as a brand. But it doesn’t stop there. Before the end of 2016, as part of a £10 million investment, it will open a 3,500 square foot flagship store in central London and convert the downstairs of its Abingdon HQ into a cook school and showroom, one of the largest of its kind in the UK. Called The Atrium, the Abingdon facility will feature two cookery school areas, a large showroom and an amphitheatre. “We need to hang out with our consumers more and educate and inspire them,” says Mr Giddings. “It’s a massive investment – I don’t know many companies of our size that have that commitment to the industry and the UK.”

Awards 2During the last 12 months, Smeg has accepted numerous awards

Gavin Ferguson

Gavin Ferguson – Contracts Channel Director, Smeg

It’s not just the retail side of the business that’s seen investment and growth, Smeg has heavily invested in the contracts side of the business by doubling its dedicated team. Smeg has devoted time and money to developing products which suit this aspect of the market and are now able to offer a complete kitchen appliance solution.

Smeg’s Contracts Channel Director, Gavin Ferguson adds, With the recent launch of the new Dolce Stil Novo range in Milan, we can now offer five very different Built-In ranges to suit all development styles and locations. The opening of both the new London Store in St James and The Atrium will allow our potential new customers the opportunity to touch and feel, as well as see, these industry leading products”.

IMG_7343Smeg’s London HQ

Smeg has a proven history supporting the housebuilder, designer, architect and specifier markets. Specialising in rigorous product design, Smeg is well known for its unique, iconic style, attention to detail and implementation of new technologies. These attributes give house builders the confidence and opportunity to make their projects stand out from the rest. With such an extensive product portfolio available, Smeg appliances have become increasingly popular with the contract kitchen sector to help differentiate and add value to both modern and traditional kitchen developments.

For any advice or help regarding Smeg and its products, please don’t hesitate to contact their team on 0344 557 0070.