Waste Less, Save More Event Set to Help Swandlincote

Monday 18th April: Residents of Swadlincote benefited from a pop-up event at Sainsbury’s, showcasing a range of innovative kitchen tips and technology, all designed to help them reduce food waste and ultimately save money. Open from 09.00 on Monday 25th to 17.00 on Friday 29th, the event will featured live cookery demonstrations from experienced home economists, as well as showcasing the latest kitchen technology available from Bosch, along with give-aways.

Each year 700 million tonnes of edible food and drink are wasted at home… Sainsbury’s hopes to promote successful ideas across the nation to help tackle the issue.

The event is part of Sainsbury’s Waste less, Save more initiative which kicked off in Swadlincote in January following a nationwide search for a town to test bed some of the more innovative technology and initiatives. The town will receive £1million investment from the retailer with the ambition to reduce food waste by 50% over one year, saving the average family £350 a year, which equates to over 60 meals.

On Tuesday 26th the Bosch Mobile Training Academy hosted a visit from Karl the Bosch Engineer – the face of the company’s latest advertising campaign – who advised visitors on the latest technology available. Karl will also trained some of the 20 local families who were selected to trial a smart fridge as part of the Waste less, Save more campaign.


On Thursday 28th the event also hosted an appearance from James Strawbridge, the chef, TV presenter and sustainable living expert known for TV shows such as It’s Not Easy Being Green and ITV’s The Hungry Sailors. James visited thee event at 14.00 and will be taught guests some of his favourite tips and tricks from the kitchen.

Senior Home economist, Lynn Williams, will hosted live interactive sessions with guests, giving them insight on how to make the most of their leftovers as she cooked up dishes in the mobile kitchen.  In-store, shoppers will be able to trial Food Rescue – an app developed by Sainsbury’s and Google to help customers use leftover ingredients – as well as playing Waste Warrior, a life-sized interactive video game helping promote food storage. Throughout the week visitors had the chance to win goodie bags, with items to help them cut down on waste and save money at home.

Speaking about the event Paul Crewe, Head of Sustainability for Sainsbury’s, said: We want to show people that even small changes can make a big difference to the amount of food we waste.  This open-for-all event will help even more people across the community to waste less and save more. Whether you want tips of making the most of you food, or to grab a selfie with Karl, be sure to come down and see us from Monday.

Each year 700 million tonnes of edible food and drink are wasted at home, costing the average two-child family over £700. Despite this most households still believe that they throw away ‘little to no’ food.  Through trialling a range of pioneering techniques in Swadlincote, Sainsbury’s hopes to promote successful ideas across the nation to help tackle the issue.

For more information about Waste less, Save more visit www.sainsburys.co.uk/wasteless.