AEG Launches AirDry Technology on New Dishwasher Range

AEG’s innovative AirDry technology for dishwashers offers effective and environmentally-friendly natural drying thanks to its automatic door opening.

A new ProClean A+++ dishwasher range from AEG brings a modern, simple solution that will forever rid consumers of having to hand dry their cutlery and plates after a cycle. Thanks to AEG’s innovative AirDry technology, the door lock on the dishwasher is automatically released during the last section of the dish cycle. The door opens 10cm automatically, allowing moisture to leave the dishwasher and natural airflow into the machine, speeding up the drying process. This allows the user to maximise the machine’s drying performance while minimising its energy consumption. As a result, the new ProClean with AirDry technology dishwasher range is rated an exceptional A+++.

Andrew Wasdell, AEG Product Manager, Dishcare, says, “Consumers have long experienced the problem of moisture remaining on glassware, pots and pans after the dishwasher cycle has finished. This leads to them either hand drying the products with a tea towel, or opening the dishwasher door as soon as the cycle has finished to let steam escape and the dishes dry in natural air. With AEG’s new ProClean A+++ with AirDry, the dishwasher does this for you, removing this need completely”.

AEG F66722Vi0P built inKitchen retailers: AEG ProClean A+++ with AirDry F66722Vi0P

  • 15 place settings
  • Built-in
  • 13 place settings model with sliding hinge also available for plinthless kitchens.
  • £599


AEG F66742M0P freestanding

Independent retailers: AEG ProClean A+++ with AirDry F66742M0P

  • 15 place settings
  • Steel finish
  • Freestanding dishwasher
  • £699

As is expected with AEG ProClean dishwashers, the new range also delivers superior cleaning results and exceptional care for your glassware. A Satellite Spray Arm plus five spray levels ensures maximum water coverage for a superb clean, plus a dedicated glasscare package means the user can wash their delicate glasses with confidence. AEG’s SoftGrips and patented SoftSpikes ensures glasses are held securely in place throughout the wash cycle. A removable cutlery tray also delivers easy and ergonomic loading and unloading.