Slide & Hide – The Oven with the Disappearing Door


SLIDE&HIDE LOCK UP_GLOBALIf every day is about being creative in the kitchen you’ll love how the Slide&Hide® retractable oven door lets you get closer to your cooking.

The stylish and unique Slide&Hide® door fully retracts under the cavity to let you baste, taste and monitor your food throughout the cooking process, while also maximising space in your kitchen. What’s more, you’re sure to be the envy of all your dinner guestsSlide&Hide_Oven_Line_Drawings_Master_withtext_THICKER LINES as it’s the only oven on the market to feature a completely disappearing door. It also boasts innovative CircoTherm® hot air technology to let you cook a three course meal simultaneously, without the intermingling of flavours, as well as a clever built-in Telescopic FlexiRail® system to help you safely extend and lift hot, heavy dishes out of the oven.


Neff recently launched an exciting campaign which introduced the Cookaholics – avid foodies who go one step further, taking home cooking to a whole new level. These real people create delicious culinary masterpieces, from entire gingerbread villages with people, cars and even a gingerbread dog, to eccentric food art, all using their Slide&Hide® oven.

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