It’s a matter of Taste!

How steam enhances cooking results!

Home cooking is all about developing tastes and enhancing flavours, and one of the best ways to achieve delicious results is to cook using steam. With such high demands for better tasting food, it is no wonder sales of steam ovens in the UK have grown by a phenomenal 240% over the last 3 years. Steam helps to preserve vitamins and minerals and keeps food juicier and more succulent. Steam gives superior results when cooking a multitude of food, with a variety of settings specifically designed for different dishes. For example, consumers can create roasts that are perfectly crispy on the outside but succulent and moist on the inside using an alternating steam and fan cooking setting.

Steam helps to preserve vitamins and minerals and keeps food juicier and more succulent

Consumer insight shows that expectations and desires for great tasting home cooked dishes are high. They want natural tasting food with nutrients and vitamins preserved during the cooking process, and want retention of the food’s original texture. Steam can fulfil these essential consumer requirements, creating healthier, more flavoursome dishes from bread and quiches, to fish and meat.  AEG have created a revolutionary cooking system that takes steam cooking to the next level.

AEG ProCombi SousVide oven

In 2014, AEG added to their existing steam cooking collection with the introduction of the AEG ProCombi SousVide oven and vacuum sealer drawer. AEG were the first to bring this exquisite sous vide system to the domestic market, specifically designed so consumers can create mouth-watering restaurant style food to delight guests and enhance home cooking. SousVide technology has been used by Michelin star chefs and high quality restaurants around the world for decades. This intricate and precise way of cooking uses 100% humidity as a carrier of temperature as this is by far the best way to ensure a precise and consistent temperature around vacuum sealed food. After being vacuum sealed, food is cooked slowly in a low temperature steam environment for a prolonged period, resulting in deliciously flavoursome food: meat falls away from the joint, rice is fluffy and fish crumbles in the mouth.

With a variety of steam ovens available on the market today, it is clear to see why steam cooking continues to increase in popularity, with sales directly reflecting this. For real cooking versatility AEG ovens are truly multifunctional with steam as an added function. This means consumers can have it all – a luxury multifunction oven which also offers steam cooking. Consumers want better tasting, healthier food, and this can all be achieved by adding a touch of steam and a lot of taste to each and every dish.

Article by AEG Customer Marketing Manager Hannah Groves.

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