Health and Safety Compliance – its not just a ticked box!

Over the last few years we have seen a positive cultural change within the UK Housebuilding Industry towards Health & Safety. This has meant that Companies can’t just tick a box to say they comply but have to give evidence that their workforce understand and adopt a high standard of diligence & care in their work.

At DBD we recognised this change and took the decision to employ Ken Starkey as Health & Safety Manager to proactively manage our obligations and recommend best practices for Companywide adoption.

So given Ken’s recent decision to retire we would like to thank him for all of his efforts over the years & for putting in place a fine foundation to build upon.

Health and Safety Team

Left to right: Martin Appleyard, Ryan O’Mahony and Ken Starkey

As a result, we are pleased to announce that Ryan O’Mahony, will take on the role as our Health & Safety Manager. Ryan comes with many years of experience of Site based Operations and this is combined with his natural drive to improve standards & support the team in contributing towards our safety culture.

I am also personally delighted to be joining the safety team as Compliance Officer for the business, alongside my current operational responsibilities, and look forward to further defining, developing and communicating Health & Safety as a core part of our business and culture over the coming months.

look forward to further defining, developing and communicating Health & Safety …

Each internal quarterly audit over the last 12 months has reported an improving account of our H & S systems, so our focus this year will be to continue to improve on these gains and ensure that we either eliminate or effectively control all risks to peoples health and safety that may arise as a result of our activities, through the following actions:

  • Promoting a positive work place health and safety message at all times through our communications, meetings and training plans that instils a strong H & S culture within our workforce.
  • Enabling the development of our H & S culture by ensuring that we have clearly defined and manageable best practices, policies, and documentation to manage these practices and policies effectively.
  • Undertaking satisfactory performance monitoring, auditing, investigating and corrective actions that continuously improve our compliance with H & S standards and regulations.

We look forward to sharing updates with you as the year unfolds and would welcome any information or feedback that would help us on our journey. Our Safety Team can either be contacted directly on, or alternatively please  contact either  or Ryan.O’

Article by Martin Appleyard, Group Compliance Officer