Easy cleaning solutions with Smeg’s Pyrolitic clean Technology

SFP3900XWith the demands for self-cleaning ovens on the rise the Smeg research and development experts have continued their passion for highly functional design, creating Pyrolitic Cleaning ovens which are not only swift and efficient, but also safe and free from chemical cleaners.

When the pyrolitic function is engaged, the inside of the oven is heated to reach 500° C, at which temperature, any grease stuck to the walls is simply burned off. Once the programme has finished, all that is required is for the ash to simply be swept out of the oven. As a way of completing the Pyrolitic Cleaning function, the ovens also feature ‘Easy Clean Enamel’ Cavities. The cavities are made from a smooth special antacid lining, which allows the user to easily wipe away the ash.

Finally, in terms of safety, Smeg have taken every factor into consideration. The quadruple glazing on the oven doors ensures that the outer layer of glass remains relatively cool. This ‘Cooler Door’ feature ensures that whilst on its cleaning cycle the outer door glass will get no hotter than 55° C. The ‘tangential cooling system’ in the unit uses its fan to continually circulate cool air through the oven door keeping it a constant cool temperature. The Pyrolytic cycle is carried out in total safety as a special safety device locks the door for the duration of the process. The maximum power output is 3 kW and the cleaning cycle can be programmed between a minimum of 1 hour 30 minutes (Pyrolytic ECO) and a maximum of 3 hours depending on the level of dirt.

Pyro Oven Image

Available across the aesthetic ranges of built –in single ovens, Cucina, Classic and Linea, and now introducing into a Double Oven in the Classic Range, Smeg’s Pyrolitic Cleaning truly embodies Smeg’s philosophy of ‘Technology with Style’.

For more information about the Smeg cooking range, including pyrolitic cleaning ovens, visit www.smeguk.com/ovens