Electrolux – Design Thoughts: A peek into the future

Thomas Johansson

Thomas Johansson

 Article by Thomas Johansson, Design Director at Electrolux.

What innovations can we expect to see in 20 years’ time?

In the future there will be an increasing number of people located in larger mega cities, which will lead to more pollution, water shortages and food issues, therefore it is important that future innovations address these issues. We will see a rise in compact, quiet and efficient appliances, home farming, domestic robots and 3D printing where consumers can essentially build their own tools. We will also see an increase in the number of products and innovations designed for better air quality.

Over the next 10 years, everyone and everything will be connected – everywhere! This enables us to advance our capabilities and create richer experiences in the home. For example there could be an increase in digital ecosystems, remote monitoring, smart diagnosis, apps, smart shopping, real time inventory control in fridges which aids grocery management, interactive instruction manuals, energy management and perusing for recipes on-line directly on your hob or posting your culinary creations on Facebook via built-in cameras in ovens.



Electrolux Design 2014 entry: The Halo Fuse, a rotating induction cooktop designed for island counters. The heat is controlled for each pan though the handles.

Innovation is key and Electrolux is continually considering future developments to ensure appliances are cutting edge to create a healthier home and future. Electrolux encourages thinkers of the future to explore these ideas, as seen in the annual Electrolux Design Lab competition which encourages students to create a future concept product idea. This year’s theme centred on Creating Healthy Home.

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