Hotpoint A+++ Dishwasher

Our Ultima FDUD43133 dishwasher is market leading in energy efficiency and uses just 9 litres of water for a 14 place settings.  Utilising our patented Flexipower motor this dishwasher uses 20% less energy than an A+ rated model.

achieves 30% cleaner results using 25% less energy






Flexipower Motor – produces the highest quality wash performance.  Variable pressure motor with intelligent sensor system modifies temperature, cycle duration, water pressure and number of rinses required.  The end results – perfect cleaning results with no wasted resources, saving the consumer money on their energy and water bills.

Zone wash – removes baked on stubborn dirt and grease by concentrating the cleaning action on the selected basket – achieves 30% cleaner results using 25% less energy and water.

Active Oxygen – Removes up to 71% of the unpleasant odours that can build up in-between washes.  Active Oxygen molecules, the same as produced during a thunderstorm, are emitted into the machine leaving fresh odour results without the use of chemicals.

Flexiload baskets – Maximum loading flexibility lets you personalise the interior dishwasher space for the best cleaning results.  Height adjustable baskets, pan holders and foldable racks mean that even the most unusual sized items can be given the best possible cleaning results.

Quality Assurance – reliability tested to simulate 10 years use –

  • 50,000 operations of buttons
  • 30,000 drawer sliding actions
  • 20,000 door opening/closing operations
  • 3,500 dishwasher cycles.

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