Sustainability Matters to Electrolux


As a global leader in professional and domestic appliances, selling more than 40 million products to customers in more than 150 markets every year, Electrolux takes sustainability seriously and is committed to leading the quest for sustainable living through its products, brands, manufacturing, services and operations. Testament to this is our strong track record in sustainable operations: Electrolux is ranked among the world’s leaders in sustainability and has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World every year since its launch in 1999 and leader in its sector for the seventh consecutive year in 2013.

Our mission goes beyond meeting the needs of today’s consumers; we are committed to making appliances safe for the environment now and for future generations. Electrolux is the only appliance manufacturer in Europe with an entire range which meets the highest environmental standard across cooking, cleaning, washing and cooling appliances.Electrolux sus

Our products have been designed with environmentally-savvy technology that enables super-efficient operation. Highlights include our SteamSystem washing machines with EcoInfo feedback on energy consumption, Weight sensors that adapt water consumption and detergent according to the load.  Pioneering innovations from our professional product developments in HeatPump technology, now offering best in class A-50% energy rating, equivalent of running one cycle for free! Leading innovations in steam cooking combine heat and steam for 20% faster cooking with less energy consumed due to lower temperatures, providing the user with healthier and tastier meals as a result.

Efficient use of Products

Since over 70% of the environmental impact and life-cycle costs are related to the use of products, informing consumers about the best way to use them efficiently is an important part of our approach.

Electrolux Experiences and in-store training demonstrations throughout 2013 will allow customers to really engage with our technology and see first-hand how simple and efficient our products are to use. They will also learn concrete energy and money saving facts that will illustrate just what a difference an efficient appliance can make.

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