Make Food Go Further with Bosch

Food preservation is vital today – especially with the rising costs of food. Consumers throw away approximately £680 a year of wasted food, mainly due to storing it in the wrong place and not understanding how important an energy efficient fridge or a model with sensor control could be to them. Bosch cooling products feature specialist technology that can reduce this amount making a dramatic saving – meaning essentially that the ‘fridge freezer pays for itself.’BSH Image KGN39XI40

The technology in our latest models allows greater and more accurate control over temperature as well as humidity control so delicate foods are kept fresher for longer. The CrisperBox in our Bosch models allow humidity to be controlled depending on the food, for something like carrots that can be up to 150 days so that means less travelling to supermarkets and less food wastage can save an average family of four, £680 a year.

Energy efficiency is also important; a 10 year old fridge is responsible for up to 25% of a consumer’s energy bill. Replacing it with an A+++ low frost or A+++no frost model can reduce your energy bill considerably as well. The no frost models save time as it does not need to be defrosted, while low frost models only need to be defrosted every couple of years – a definite relief for the customer!