Oven Trends by Electrolux

Robbie Prestedge, Product Manager of Built-in appliances at Electrolux UK & Ireland shares his view on oven trends

electrolux logoOver the next year or two the oven market will expand to welcome an influx of exciting and technological advanced ovens for all budgets. One-time luxuries such as pyrolitic cleaning are now becoming essentials and niche features such as steam are increasing in popularity as consumer become more aware of the health benefits.

When picking a new oven most consumers will first look for a brand that they can trust. This is because they want the reassurance of reliability, innovation, good design and energy efficiency.  AEG, Zanussi and Electrolux are all well -established household name brands that offer differentiation in terms of price and positioning, which is why brands from the Electrolux are overall the most popular choice in the housing market.

Consumers are also looking for flexibility in the way they cook which is why Electrolux offers a range of exciting cooking features, from the pizza function on Zanussi ovens to the top-of-the-range recipe database on the recently launched Electrolux InfiSight oven and steam on all three brands. As cookery shows continue to inspire, the chef at home will become more experimental and, in turn, will need the tools to achieve gastronomic perfection. To meet this need we expect to see an increase in on-board food probes that measure the exact core temperature of food.

With utility bills rising almost daily, energy efficiency will once again be at the forefront of every customers mind. Every unit of electricity is precious to the bill-payer which is why the most energy efficient ovens available feature insulating doors to prevent heat loss and auto off functions to cease cooking immediately.

Just launched!

The new Zanussi QUADRO™ multifunction oven with steam: cook as you always cook, but with steam, at a price all can afford.

Zanussi Steam Oven ZOS37902XD lifestyle

Zanussi has expanded its award winning QUADRO™ range of built-in ovens with the addition of a multifunction oven that allows consumers to effortlessly enjoy all the benefits of cooking with steam, the Zanussi Easy Steam ZOS37902XD. The new oven was developed based on consumer insight which showed that more people would cook with steam if it was easier and more affordable. The new Zanussi oven brings steam cooking to a whole new segment of consumers who previously might have felt this was a luxury they couldn’t afford.