Daily Mail- AEG put to the test!

The UK’s most popular Saturday newspaper has put AEG’s laundry range through its paces for a special feature on ‘DIY Dry Cleaning’.

AEG-Daily Mail Test

Femail writer, Jenny Wood, put AEG to the test with some of her most delicate ‘dry clean only’ and ‘hand wash only’ garments- from a luxuriously soft, cashmere jumper to a beautiful silk scarf by a top designer.

According to Daily Mail sources, the average family spends £320 a year on dry-cleaning while those who wear suits to work can spend as much as £640 a year. Femail writer Jenny Wood set out on a mission to see if there is a convenient alternative to dry-cleaning in AEG’s laundry appliances. The advanced steam cleaning technology in AEG’s ProTex washing machine is so gentle that it can refresh ‘dry-clean only’ garments and its tumble dryers can even dry ‘flat dry only’ woollens!

The Daily Mail verdict: “ …it was with great trepidation that I entrusted it with my very expensive cashmere cardigan which has a label stating it must not be washed in any circumstances. I chose the wool/silk setting and a temperature of 30C. As the machine adjusts the washing time to the size if the load, it only took 25 minutes. Amazingly, the cardie came out with clean and wrinkle-free with no bobbling or shrinking.”

Read the full review here.