Save time and money with a shiny new ToolBox

DBD now have over 60 live projects where Site Agents are managing their projects online with DBD ToolBox. Launched in April, Site Agents are able to view full details of the plot appliances and services, manage their call-offs and visits simply and easily through a really smart online interface.

It just makes it clear and obvious what’s happening and when. I can see all my forecast plots, the stuff I’ve called off and the stuff I need to change
(Site Manager, Taunton)

Many site managers have commented on how the online plot summary helps them quickly identify any misunderstandings on product specs and service requirements. Sorting this out in advance avoids wasted visits, changes, delays and costs – everyone wins.

And in August, we launched our smartphone version. Neil Harvey, DBD Group Commercial Director said, “Over 80% of phones sold today are smartphones. It’s becoming the new standard that you just expect to be able to do what you can do online on your phone as well.” With a simple one-touch interface, you can manage your plots while having a decent fry-up in the morning!

For a demonstration on how DBD ToolBox could help you save time and money on your future projects, call us on 0844 411 60 10 or email

ToolBox Desktop Screenshot
ToolBox iPhone Screenshot