Bosch Home Appliances

For over 125 years, the name Bosch has stood for expert development, technical quality and reliability. True to company founder Robert Bosch’s goal to develop “technology for life”, household appliances from Bosch have always made people’s day-to-day lives easier and improved their quality of life. Today, Bosch is one of the leading brands of household appliances in Europe. Fridge freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and small appliances from Bosch are sold all over the world.

The pursuit of quality and technological perfection is also reflected in the company’s product design with appliances designed not only around aesthetic appeal but also practicality. Bosch is dedicated in its efforts to save the British consumer time, energy, water and ultimately money through use of their Bosch appliance. This can be seen in developments such as ActiveWater in the Bosch laundry range, a function which assesses the load so only the exact amount of water is used. This help to lower water costs is a welcome solution to the recent news of water price hikes.

Another challenge that Bosch has accepted is to help consumers reduce their average food waste, and therefore save money on their weekly food shop. Technology within selected Bosch cooling appliances actively controls the temperature within the fridge, extending the life of fruit and vegetables, with apples kept crisp and crunchy for up to 100 days.

As well as presenting a number of technologies throughout their large kitchen appliance range, Bosch also continues to develop consumer led features within a range of small appliances. These range from variable temperature kettles, through to a fast warm up sensoflow system used on coffee makers and the Filtrino hot water dispenser. Always looking to meet the demands of customer’s everyday life, Bosch is dedicated to the continued creation of technology solutions; and in floorcare a new range of both bagged and bagless cleaners which are engineered to be quiet in use, yet powerfully efficient.

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