Have you seen DBD/Hacker Project Team – Experts at delivering Strategic Projects on time!

Kitchens Team B&W

Our Kitchens Project Team are focused on working with our customers over a sustained period of time to ensure that not only programmes are met but that expectations are exceeded and all trades working on the project do so effectively and efficiently!

On a current project we are working amongst 700 others on site, all aiming to achieve completion when requested. This means constantly liaising with different trades, employees to ensure each stage is completed and our end goal is secured. Due to the size of team we have on site and the number of trades involved, a daily meeting is held to identify and establish the hotspots for the day so that we can deal with raised issues whilst maintaining the day to day programme. With the ever changing programme, we need to be able to respond and react quickly.

The Project Managers

  • Ensure standards of quality are maintained
  • That our fitters have consistent workload
  • Liaise with our coordinators to plan deliveries, bearing in mind vehicle restrictions, gate/site access, exclusion zone, hoist and crane usage, offloader ability and capacity.
  • Work with our worktops/glass supplier/appliance installers
  • Inform transport of the intricacies of site including method of delivery, type of protection to be supplied, actions on site.

The Project Team

  • Work on the finishing aspects which ensures that plots are complete for handovers
  • Responds to snagging queries as they are raised. This could mean investigating 100’s of cases reported to us and responding accordingly

We hope this gives you just a small insight in to our incredibly diverse and busy Kitchens Project Team.