Whirlpool introduces new range of FreshCare washing machines

Whirlpool has introduced a brand new range of freestanding washing machines that benefit from the Whirlpool FreshCare+™ system, which is designed to keep laundry fresh even hours after the cycle has finished.

Whirlpool FreshCare 9kg washing machine FWD91496W UK - lifestyle - hiResearch has found that 70 per cent of consumers do not unload their washing machine immediately after the cycle has finished1, and 51 per cent of consumers wash their clothes again due to the bad odour1. Whirlpool has included the FreshCare+™ system to its new range of washing machines, offering consumers an appliance to meet the needs of their busy lifestyle.

The new Whirlpool FreshCare+™ system gently massages the garments with regular, slow, drum movements alternated with injections of steam. The combination of movement and steam allows the air to penetrate the fibres, keeping garments fresh and odour free for up to six hours after the cycle has finished2.

The FreshCare range of washing machines benefit from Whirlpool’s patented and intuitive 6TH SENSE® technology, which will sense, adapt and monitor water usage, energy consumption and time according to the load size. This offers resource savings of up to 50 per cent3, without compromising on performance.

Available in capacities of 7kg, 8kg and 9kg, all three models benefit from a clear and concise LED digital display, 16 programmes to choose from and a start delay option to make use of less expensive electricity tariffs, where available.

Key features and benefits of the Whirlpool FreshCare freestanding 9kg washing machine (FWD91496W UK):

  • Freestanding washing machine offering a generous 9kg capacity
  • FreshCare+™ continues to tumble garments after washing, for up to six hours, keeping garments feeling and smelling fresh2
  • 6TH SENSE® technology monitors the size of the load, adapting the resources to save up to 50 per cent of water, energy and time3
  • ‘A+++ (-30%)’ energy rating to maximise energy saving
  • Colour15°C programme maintains original quality and colour of user’s garments and guarantees the same performance as a 40°C wash programme
  • Features 16 programmes to choose from including Delicates, Rapid 30ꞌ, Easy Ironing and Duvet, designed for washing eiderdown-padded items such as double or single duvets, cushions and anoraks, etc.
  • Variable temperature and spin speed for added efficiency and less creasing and ironing
  • Start delay to make use of less expensive electricity tariffs, where available
  • LED digital display for instant feedback
  • Variable spin speed with maximum of 1400 rpm for cottons
  • Stacking kit available to stack with matching tumble dryer
  • Also available in drum capacities of 7kg and 8kg
  • Finished in white
  • Handy Demo Mode for retailers to demonstrate to customers

Dimensions H x D x W: 845 x 630 x 595 mm

If you wish to find out more then please look on www.whirlpool.co.uk