Hotpoint Launches New Range of Dishwashers

Hotpoint has launched a new range of dishwashers, comprising of both built-in and freestanding models, which offer excellent cleaning results and striking performance.

The new range of 600 mm dishwashers is well-crafted, with a clean-line design and finished with distinguishing details that add a touch of prestige. The appliances seamlessly fit into today’s kitchens with their new and intuitive interfaces, which include a premium full text touch display.

The new, ground breaking, 3D Zone Wash feature comprises of a spray arm, which is positioned alongside the standard spray arm in the bottom of the dishwasher, and a shower-type spray, which is positioned at the very top of the appliance. Both additional components work together with the two standard spray arms, positioned in the bottom and middle of the appliance, to deliver outstanding cleaning performance.

3D Zone Wash completely eliminates the need to pre-wash the dishes

The addition of 3D Zone Wash allows the user to take control of the cleaning process by allowing precise cleaning, directing the water to exactly where it is needed, and increasing the targeted area by 40 per cent 1. Tackling even the toughest soiling, and offering impeccable cleaning results, 3D Zone Wash completely eliminates the need to pre-wash the dishes.

In addition, 3D Zone Wash can also be used to direct the water to wash a chosen basket, saving up to 40 per cent in energy 2. This feature is a boon to the 71 per cent of dishwasher owners who admit they run the appliance when it is not fully loaded 3.

Key features and benefits of the Hotpoint Ultima freestanding dishwasher (HFO 3P23 WL UK):

  • Hotpoint HFO 3P23 WL dishwasher cutout hi 13D Zone Wash offers impeccable cleaning by allowing either precise washing with up to 40 per cent more cleaning power1 to enable a more intensive cleaning, or only wash the contents of a select basket, saving up to 40 per cent energy2
  • Active Oxygen technology reduces odours in the dishwasher cavity between wash cycles. Tri-oxygen (O3) molecules are released into the dishwasher to break down and remove odours in a completely natural way
  • Super silent 43 dB(A) noise level achieved thanks to the advanced brushless motor and sound insulating panels
  • Nine programmes: Eco, Auto Intensive, Auto Normal, Auto Fast, Express 30’, Good Night, Sanitising, Soak and Self-Clean
  • Six additional options: Delay Timer, 3D Zone Wash, Extra Dry, Tablets, Drain and Key Lock
  • Impressive 15 place setting capacity with flexible loading options that promise simple and efficient loading
  • Vertical Zone allows the user to securely position larger items, to ensure the most efficient loading
  • Flexiload for maximum internal flexibility, featuring folding removable glass supports, fully folding plate racks and vertical zones to improve stability and storage. The height of the top basket can be adjusted, even when fully loaded, to allow for more space in the lower basket when needed
  • Additional third rack, positioned above the upper basket, which is adjustable in width to allow for taller items in the upper basket
  • Full text display and digital interface for ease of use
  • Water consumption: 11 litres
  • Energy rating: ‘A++’
  • Stainless steel tub for increased hygiene and durability
  • Available in polar white
  • Available as a built-in model (HIO 3P23 WL E)
  • Dimensions: H x W x D 850 x 600 x 600 mm

Tel: 03448 224 224


1 Average percentage of performance increase vs a non-3D Zone Wash appliance running Intensive cycle, obtained on 17 different items with different typology of dirt. Test results verified by VDE.

2 Verified in the Report N° 236127-AS6-1 by VDE Test Institute.

3 Source: GfK Eurisko Usage & Habits study (IT, UK, D, FR) Nov. 2015

Article by Jennifer Taylor, Head of Brand for Hotpoint