Indesit Launches New Dishwasher with a Babycare Cycle

Indesit introduces a brand new model to its eXtra range of dishwashers, which features a dedicated BabyCare programme, with a special BabyZoo set of accessories.

Indesit eXtra dishwasher with dedicated BabyCare Cycle DFP 58T96 Z UK - open - hiThe Indesit eXtra dishwasher (DFP 58T96 Z UK) features a dedicated BabyCare cycle, which is a unique programme that eliminates 99.9999 per cent of bacteria1 to ensure optimal cleaning and drying results of your baby items2.

Boasting an ‘A++’ energy rating and eight programmes to choose from, the brand new Indesit eXtra dishwasher comes complete with a handy BPA-free³ BabyZoo accessory set. The BabyZoo is designed specifically to stack and secure baby items, including teats and dummies, in the dishwasher with ease.

Indesit eXtra dishwasher with dedicated BabyCare Cycle DFP 58T96 Z UK - cutout - hiThe height adjustable top basket can be easily moved, or removed as required to maximise loading options; the brand new dishwasher is dynamic and flexible to meet the needs of the hectic family life. The dishwasher benefits from a high-grade stainless steel interior liner for superb drying performance that is hygienic, as well as hard wearing. Furthermore, the Indesit dishwasher features the eXtra cycle, which allows the user to simply remove the top basket to wash items that measure up to 53 cm in height in just one hour.

Sara Bazeley, Brand Manager, Indesit says: “At Indesit, our research and development team is constantly looking at different ways to make the busy family’s life easier. The new Indesit eXtra dishwasher with the dedicated BabyCare cycle is efficient, flexible and economical to run, while providing stress-free solutions for all members of the family. ”

1 Test performed by an independent institute
2 For total sterilisation of your baby items, Indesit recommends an additional clean using a sterile solution
³BPA-free : BPA or bisphenol A, an estrogen-imitating chemical, is often used to produce reusable plastic products, such as baby bottles, toddler sippy cups and plastics you might use for storing leftover food. It is being phased out of plastic packaging due to fears it may disrupt our hormones.