Get to Know the People at DBD – Jane Swan

Introducing Jane Swan.

Jane SwanHow long have you been at DBD? 
I’ve been with the company for 5 years. I applied for the position of Resource Planner and was due to attend an interview but HR phoned me and asked if I’d like to come in a week early and do some temping; I never left!!

What department do you work in?
I’m the Service Coordination Manager but I started with DBD as a Resource Planner.  The role changed shortly after I started so I became a Site Coordinator, which was a position that I loved!! Being able to chat to our Customers all day long is a perfect job for me and there are elements of that role that I still miss. I then became a Team Leader and then Service Coordination Manager.

What does your job role involve?
I manage a team of 11 and between us, we are responsible for getting all the appliances out of the door, effectively and efficiently as possible whilst meeting our customers requirements and keeping them happy. It’s a massive juggling act and just when you think you’ve got it right, it all changes! I’m also responsible for ensuring the team are engaged and motivated.  It all certainly keeps me on my toes!

What skills has your role taught you?
Being able to prioritise is really important and also being able to multi-task. We’re dealing with hundreds of SOPs on a daily basis so having a good memory also helps! There are so many different elements that make up the perfectly planned day; the right number of appliances, not too much driving, how long they take to fit, will they fit on the van, does the installer have the right qualifications to fit them and are site definitely ready for them. Once you have this all in place, our customer phones to say their kitchen hasn’t arrived so you start all over again!! It’s challenging, but immensely rewarding.

How does DBD compare to past jobs you’ve had?
I can honestly say, in 5 years, I haven’t once woken up and thought “I don’t want to go in today”.  DBD is the only company I have worked for where the people matter.  I work with the most amazing bunch I could ever hope to work with; everyone cares so much and it’s wonderful to be a part of our DBD Family.

How do you feel about your team?
My team are fantastic. It’s a super tough job and I know all us managers say the same thing but I genuinely believe it’s one of the toughest roles in the company. These girls all give 100% and make my job a lot easier by being the wonderful team they are. We do have our bad days but with an awful lot of laughter, we get through it together.

What helps to motivate you every day?
I love it when it’s really busy and sadly am probably one of the very few who enjoys June !!  I love the buzz in the office when it’s busy and being able to work together to get the work out of the door and have happy customers is really rewarding.

What aspirations do you have for you career at DBD?
I’m really content with my role and have no desire to be the next MD (Sam breathes a sigh of relief!!).

At which store would you most like to max out your credit card? Selfridges
What’s your favourite flower? I’m a flower addict. I love daffodils in spring, but I love Fushia’s – I have lots, they look like dancing ladies!
What’s top on your bucket list? Probably Maldives but I’m worried I’d be bored after a couple of days!
What or who are you a closet fan of? Love a Superhero movie.
What’s playing in your car at the moment? Absolute radio. Although playing pretty much everything at the moment as I have a new Amazon Echo!
How long have you lived in Hemel? All my life.
What’s one type of food you absolutely never will eat? Pears!
Have you ever met anyone famous? Hazel O’Conner- I fainted at her concert when I was younger and got taken on to the side stage where I got to meet her.
What movies could you watch over and over? ‘Love actually’ and ‘The Holiday’.
What’s the best holiday you’ve been on? I loved our family holidays in St Ives when the kids were young.
How would your friends describe you in 3 words? Like Dawn French!
Your favourite sound? Running water is really soothing.
What are you looking forward to? I’m going to visit my bestie in Poole next Bank Holiday.
Who is your celebrity crush? Joshua Jackson.
What qualities would you like to be known for displaying? Friendly, Kind, Honest.
What’s your vice? Anything sweet.
What do you miss most about being a kid? Having no concept of time!

Next month we will be talking to Kevin Pettitt.