Get to Know the People at DBD – Vicki Shepherd

This month we got to chat with Vicki Shepherd.

How long have you been at DBD?
I started in 2005 and worked for 1 year. Then it was a bit on and off as I was living out in Spain but I officially came back in 2009.

What department do you work in?
Sales Support as a Sales Executive.

What does your job role involve?
I work with Shaun Wilkinson and assist him in looking after his Accounts. Our customers are based from West Scotland to the South England. I ensure they have correct information about our services, advise on specific products and model numbers for upgrades and try and build good working relationships with them ensuring that their site’s  are run with efficiency and skill.

What skills has your role taught you?
Shaun Wilkinson mugshot
It’s really what I have taught the role!  Patience and empathy is definitely a must. You need to keep a sense of humour and keep calm as well, when a Buyer has forgotten to order upgrades and clients are moving in not to panic and just do ones best.  I do have a lot of fun here, for example a few years back Shaun was going on holiday for two weeks, I took his precious Leeds FC mug and grew mustard and cress in it, brilliant crop it was.  (If anyone knows Shaun they will know he’s very protective over his mug.) Shaun came back from his holiday and demanded to know where his mug was, I put it back in his drawer, he was dumb struck when he found it, but  found it funny eventually – I hooted with laughter, as a replacement I gave him a white mug which I wrote in black felt tip ‘Leeds’ on it – he actually said I was a ‘numpty’ and did not know how to spell.

How does DBD compare to past jobs you’ve had?
I used to work for a smaller competitor in the contracts department, well actually it was just me. After a month here at DBD,  David Bernard asked me how I was finding it, the only way I could  describe it  was it was like ‘coming from a battleship onto a cruise ship’!

How do you feel about your team?
They’re a great team. We’ve got some newbies who have settled in well. The team are so supportive. I always tell them not to take any worries home and not too take it too seriously. They like a good laugh at my expense and tease me sometimes, at the moment they are trying to teach me to talk like a ‘gangster’ but that is all good as I laugh at myself.

What helps to motivate you every day?
I actually really like my customers, they are brilliant and I have a lot of time and respect for Shaun Wilkinson who I work with, he can be a ‘grumpy git’ at times but  I strive to do good by him, and in turn Shaun  does a great job in motivating me and inspiring me to do better.

What aspirations do you have for you career at DBD?
I’m happy as I am!

Number 1 on your bucket list?  Food trip to VietnamVicki 3
Who would play you in the movie of your life?  Whoopi Goldberg
Favourite film?  I’ve got 2 – Mr Tom and Last Samurai
What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already? Good manners
If money was no object, what would you do all day?  Have a small holding with goats, chickens and pigs with a small tea and cake shop on the side
What do you do to relax?  I don’t relax, I have to be doing something or upsetting somebody
What is your favourite dish to make?  Beef Bourguignon
What’s a fear that you’re proud to of overcome?  Dealing with Martin Flowers, a Buyer at Bellway Homes
What was the last thing you saw or heard that made you laugh out loud?  My team getting me to talk like a gangster saying ‘Cash me ousside, how bai dah’ (apparently its on you tube)
What would be the title of your autobiography?  Oops I Did It Again
What was your favourite subject at school?  Domestic Science
What’s one piece of advice you would give to others about life?  Be committed to what you do, enjoy what you do and be honest.
If you could start your own business what would it be?  Tea and Cake shop
What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this week?  I love sitting next to Gareth. He’s like another husband – he makes me tea and looks after me, plus he makes me laugh nonstop.
If your house was burning down what 3 things would you try to get?  Photographs, handbag and husband
Name one thing that you really like about yourself?  I’m to the point, perhaps a tiny bit blunt. I also like my hair and my little toes ;0
Name a gift that you will never forget?  A message in a bottle from my grandchildren

Vicki 1Vicki 2
(L-R) Denise, Millie, Michelle, Hannah, Vicki, Kimberley, Layla and Gareth

Next time we will be talking to Gin Williams.