Save Hours of Bottle and Toy Washing with Indesit

Indesit has launched the latest member of its eXtra Dishwasher family, specifically designed to meet the needs of parents of young children – introducing the eXtra Hygiene Dishwasher with BabyCare Cycle.

Tailor-made for the lives of busy parentsThis new dishwasher, the DFP58T94Z, offers incredible economy and speed, saving hours of bottle and toy washing, providing peace of mind through the better levels of hygiene achieved by the high temperature wash. Tailor-made for the lives of busy parents, the new eXtra Hygiene Dishwasher ensures optimal cleaning and drying results on all your items, even baby items, thanks to the optimised parameters of the cycle. Indesit’s new dishwasher is tailor-made for the lives of busy parents. It features a great range of brilliantly practical features that make it easier and more economical to look after the family. This includes a dedicated BabyCare Cycle which makes it easy to clean every kind of baby item, from cutlery, to bottles for drinks and milk, and toys as well.


The removable baby accessory “The Zoo”, can safely and easily hold baby items and store them. It’s a safe area totally dedicated to baby’s items hygiene. The special accessory features fun colours and beautiful animal designs and has been designed to easily accommodate all types of baby items ensuring a correct positioning inside the dishwasher to enhance cleaning and drying results.

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