Get to Know the People at DBD – Alex Bernard

Alex BernardThis month we’ve been talking to Alex Bernard.

How long have you been at DBD?
Its been 4 ½ years and it’s absolutely flown by! I started in October 2011 – I know that it was Monday 28th because I proposed to Abi 2 days earlier!

What department do you work in?
I am the Sales Operations Manager at DBD so have the privilege of overseeing our Customer Care, Service Coordination, Sales Support & Administration teams.

What does your job role involve?
It’s very varied which I love and I’m fortunate to have an excellent group of people that I’m working with. I work closely with my department heads to ensure all in the team are engaged, their workloads are realistic and achievable and that we’re delivering an efficient & helpful service to our customers.  I am also involved in appraisals, 1-2-1’s, refining our processes, escalations with Customers if they arise, trying to organise informative and fun team meetings and representing the team to the Board of Directors in our monthly Executive meetings.

What skills has your role taught you?
Empathy for others, I really want to try and understand their situation, it doesn’t always come naturally to me and can be tricky when balancing it with a full on workload but it’s a quality that’s vital in my role. Having around 30 people in the team means there is always something going on and challenges to overcome. I do my best to be approachable too, I want my colleagues to feel that they can speak to me at any time and get the support they need. Being assertive is key also, I often have to make decisions quickly and I need to be confident in the decisions that I make.  I’m also learning to balance professionalism with being helpful when dealing with Customers.

How does DBD compare to past jobs you’ve had?
It was completely different – I was a plumber and gas engineer after leaving school. The main difference with that work was I had complete control over what I did, I was responsible for my workload & achieving the right results. Now I often need to achieve results through the hard work of others which was challenging at first. DBD is also really family orientated and everyone gets on so well. The big thing at DBD is that anyone can make a difference, if you have good ideas, present them in the right way, you will be listened to & they will be implemented for the better.

How do you feel about your team?
I have an excellent team that I’m really proud of. I feel we strike a really good balance between having fun and a laugh whilst getting the job done and doing our upmost to offer a great service. Even though it’s made up of different departments with different objectives the team work so well together, always supporting one another & have a natural desire to help each other.

What helps to motivate you every day?
I feel confident that we are doing our very best to deliver a great service which enables me to then talk openly and passionately about DBD regardless of whether that’s with our customers, suppliers or even my friends & family. I also feel that I can make a difference in the company and have an impact in the success of DBD. I can make decisions and see the results which I really appreciate. There are always areas to improve on and that motivates me to keep moving forward and to keep refining our processes.

What aspirations do you have for you career at DBD?
To continue to develop in my confidence and people management skills which will help me make improvements in my own role. I’d also like to become a better leader & person that will help us to continue the work we’re already doing in building a successful team, one that our customers appreciate and one that we can be proud of!

What’s one thing we don’t know about you? I used to play the Clarinet!
What’s your favourite film? Inception
How would your friends describe you in 3 words?… Determined, Fair & Competitive
Where would you time travel to? I’d go back to my teenage years, where you can have fun with less responsibility
If you could have any 4 people round for dinner who would it be? Leonardo DeCaprio, James Corden, Jurgen Klopp and my wife Abi to do the cooking!
Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? If so who? Yes people said I looked like Lloyd from an old X-Factor series and others say I look like the footballer Aaron Ramsey. Yesterday someone said Paul Merson – but I’m not happy with that one!
Celebrity crush? Kelly Brook
A childhood memory that stands out? Performing my amazing snooker tricks in my little waistcoat, probably aged 9 or 10, I could hardly see over the table.
Dream destination? Chilling on a private island in the Maldives
What’s your favourite thing to do in Summer? Having friends over for a nice barbecue and a few drinks
What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Ah there’s loads but probably dusting – it just seems pointless!
What’s the hardest thing you’ve done? Climbing Ditchling Beacon at the end of the London to Brighton night cycle last year but the Longest Golf Day Challenge would be a close second
Secret to a happy relationship? Open communication and being as accommodating as you can be in each situation
Your guilty pleasure?… Sticky Toffee Pudding
Favourite meal of the day? Brunch at the weekend
Favourite Dinner? Abi’s Sunday roast!
Pointless fact you know?… Tallinn is the capital of Estonia!

Thanks Alex! Next month we’ll be speaking to Ben Lawler.