Indesit Washing Machines Help to Ease the Stress of Back to School

Indesit, the major domestic appliance manufacturer that prides itself on developing products that make the busy family’s life easier, is helping to ease the stress of the ‘return to school’ period thanks to its range of Innex Washing Machines with simple ‘Push&Wash’ one-button technology.

Designed to ease the pressures of modern day life, the Indesit Innex Washing Machines feature innovative ‘Push&Wash’ one-button technology, producing great results at the touch of a button. Simply push the button to switch on, select and start a daily wash programme designed to wash cotton and synthetics together. Taking the hassle out of keeping school uniforms and sports kits clean and ready to wear, effortlessly.

The hassle of ensuring the P.E kit is cleaned on time is no longer a worry with Indesit’s variety of sports washes. The user simply has to select which type of sports garment is most appropriate, and the machine will automatically set the appropriate washing and drying parameters. It can handle all types of technical fibres; nylon, polyester, and spandex, and can even do sports shoes too.

Furthermore, the Indesit Innex Washing Machines boast Water Balance technology, which uses intelligent sensors to optimise water and energy consumption for each load, offering savings on monthly outgoings.

Jim McEwan, Category Director, Freestanding, for Indesit, says: “The Indesit Innex Washing Machines take the hassle out of completing the laundry with a simple press of one button to start a daily wash. The back to school period is difficult enough for any parent, but with the effortless ‘Push&Wash’ button, dirty school uniforms and sports kits are one less thing to worry about, as a quick push of the button will deliver the very best results for all kinds of garments. What’s more –the water balance technology will help to reduce resource consumption and save money too.”

Key features of the Indesit
XWE 91483X W Washing Machine

F082543_PNGPR_LFreestanding Washing Machine featuring ‘Push&Wash’ one-button technology

  • Water Balance technology optimises both energy and water consumption for each load, saving valuable resources and money
  • Features 16 washing programmes
  • A selection of sports washes allow the consumer to select the type of garment and the machine will automatically set the appropriate washing and drying parameters, including gym shoes, gym kit and technical fibres such as nylon or polyester
  • 1400 rpm spin speed
  • Start Delay for up to 24 hours to make the most of cheaper energy tariffs, that may be available during the night
  • Finished in white
  • Retails for approximately £329
  • Dimension: H 85 x W 59.5 X D 60.5 cm

For more information about the Indesit Innex Washer Dryers visit or call 08000 921 922