June ’15 – a record breaking month!


“Wow… what a month!”

“It wasn’t that long ago that a number of our Customers were suggesting that gone were the days of huge spikes in work at their year end as they attempted to smooth out the peaks & troughs of workload. Well maybe next year because I’ve never known a month like it…

Why do I say that?! 3 reasons:

1) As we entered June over 4,000 Plots were called off for installation within 3 weeks. That’s circa 19,500 appliances in our money.

2) 45% of Plots weren’t ready for us when we arrived to Install in the first 2 weeks of the month meaning an additional visit would likely be required by the end of the month to complete.

3) A number of our major Customers contacted us requesting we assist them on other Sites as some of our Competitors didn’t have either the Stock or Installation Resource available.

Click above to watch us in action on a June morning.

But we did it! Yes it was hairy at times and we did drop a couple of balls for which we sincerely apologise, but considering what we were up against it was a monumental effort, certainly one that the whole team can be proud of.

Can I therefore take this opportunity to thank the 100’s of Site Managers, Productions Managers, Construction Directors, Commercial & Customer Care Teams for your support in making June the best ever month in our 27 year history.

So now a well earned break for most, however our management team are already at an advanced stage of planning in readiness for what is likely to be an even bigger Q4, so bring it on!”

Samuel Firth-Bernard
Managing Director