Get to Know the People at DBD – Faith Constantinou

We hope you enjoy this months feature of ‘Get to know the People at DBD’. This month we will talking to Faith Constantinou.

How long have you been at DBD?
I started on April 11th 2011 so I’ve been at DBD 4 years and 3 months. It goes so quickly though; it feels like I’ve always been here!

What department do you work in?
I work in the Service Co-ordination Department as a Service Coordinator. Our department deals with resource planning and scheduling.

What does your job role involve?
My role is to co-ordinate projects from start to finish. There’s 8 of us in the team and we each handle a specific area of the country; I look after South West 1. The role has always involved scheduling but different aspects have been added as the role has progressed.

What skills has your role taught you?
This job has taught me to be organised, to multi task and to be super-efficient. Being a mum of 2 boys I thought I was already organised… until I started this job. I use to be quite laid back and a bit disorganised but now I love a tick! It’s scary, even at home, I try and work out the quickest way to do things.

How does DBD compare to past jobs you’ve had?
I worked in the Beauty industry for 20 years and I just couldn’t get enthusiastic about lipstick anymore! I was used to a clientele primarily of women, however, in my job now, the majority of the site-coordinators and fitters I deal with are men. I’ve had to change my approach somewhat; communication and commendation works well I find. It’s nice to look after my team, I find a good relationship really helps when issues arise or during busier periods.

How do you feel about your team?
I love my team, including my fitters! We know how each other works, we know the good and the bad about each other!

What motivates you every day?
I really do enjoy my job. I get great satisfaction when I’m able to turn things around. I don’t want to sound cliché, but my main motivation is definitely the people I work with. Everyone works so well together, when there are issues other departments rally round to help.

What aspirations do you have for you career at DBD?
It is a delight to work here and I’m really happy with what I do. Eventually though, maybe I could progress to a team leader, who knows.

Number one on your bucket list? Swimming with Dolphins
First record you bought? Tony Basil – Hey Mickey
What was the last film you saw? The Truman Show
As a child you wanted to be… a Ballerina
What did you have for breakfast? Muesli
Last meal on earth? A curry – a Chicken Jalfrezi at the K2 Restaurant in Hemel Hempstead
Home is… Watford
On a day off we’d find you… cleaning and cooking, how sad!
Who would play you in the movie of your life? Amanda Holden
Secret skill? I can sprint in heels
Advice to your teenage self? It will all work out ok
If you could have 4 people round for dinner who would it be? Damon Albarn, Marilyn Monroe, Ghandi and Queen Victoria
Your guilty pleasure? Red wine
Biggest bugbear? People who don’t put the cap back on the toothpaste
Which Little Miss are you? Little Miss Cheeky
Favourite film? The Wizard of Oz
Your celebrity crush? Damon Albarn
What’s your favourite chocolate bar? Green and Blacks White Chocolate

Next month, we will be talking to Susan Lovejoy.