Electrolux oven stars in Women & Home’s Test Kitchen

Woman & Home Food Editor Jane Curran is delighted with the performance of the Electrolux ovens in the Test Kitchen at IPC.

Over the last few weeks, Jane and her team have created 40 new recipes for the Christmas issue of the magazine, all using Electrolux ovens.

“The ovens are on 5 days a week, 10 hours a day, so are really put through their paces. We have been impressed with the accuracy of the temperature control, which has never varied, as well as the even baking throughout the whole cavity. The Electrolux CombiSteam oven has been brilliant for cooking many dishes, and in particular is superb for roast chicken and baking bread. The combination of steam and hot air means the food is beautifully moist on the inside, with a lovely crisp outer layer. The other real bonus for us is the CombiSteam oven can also be used as a normal multifunction oven, giving us real flexibility in how we cook. On a practical front, cleaning the steam oven couldn’t be easier, and the ‘iphone-like’ touch controls are a pleasure to use,” says Jane Curran.

Visit www.electrolux.co.uk to view the full Electrolux CombiSteam oven range.